Our Mission
Together we build the future towards a better world and future!
Improvement is Guaranteed!
With degree in Mathemetics, Physics, Aeronautical Engineering and Biology, Marx and Nora can tutor all subjects.
One-on-one learning with a qualified tutor
We provide tutoring at the students pace and schedule -- available seven days a week. Personalized instruction in the comfort of your home.
Want to try a session?
Join us every Sunday's 10:00 pm - 12: 00 pm for a FREE calculus AB Prep online session if you are interested. Please fill the contact form below and we will send you the link to our next session.

Best, most affordable one on one, group tutoring for all Math, Sciences and Test Preparations in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. USC Tutoring offers one-one tutoring and small group sessions at our convenient location or online. We aim to make this learning experience both easy and fun. By the time you leave, you WILL know it all!


**Over 2,500+ Students have used USC Tutoring Service.**

USC Tutoring in Los Angeles offers one-on-one tutoring service at a

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location convenient or online for you by the best experienced tutors for the best quality tutoring there is and the best rates that makes this sound like buying a snack! We are not a corporation but rather two individuals with advanced degrees and qualifications with passion for education. Our credentials are impeccable, and tutors with our qualifications are too rare if not nonexistent! .


We meet at a convenient location to you i.e students Home, Library or Coffee Shop for in person tutoring. We tutor students around the San Fernando Valley and around. Call us for details.

We have lots of practice problems,notes and practice tests than they give you in school!

We can help you on Homework, Projects, Exam Preparation for:

Mathematics: Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I,Algebra II, Geometry, Math Analysis

Advanced Mathematics: Pre-Calculus, Calculus I II and III, Trigonometry, AP Calculus, Linear Algebra

Science: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biology, AP Chemistry,AP Physics

Statistics: Programming in R, Precision Trees and Decision Support Systems, MATLAB

Computer Science: SQL,C++,C,Java,MySQL,PHP,Perl,Iphone

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Tutoring is provided in all areas of math and science for K-12. We provide help with homework's, exam preparation. All levels of Math and Science subjects are tutored.


We provide help with all advanced university level subjects for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics and Computer Science.

Test Prep

Tutoring for all subjects tests: AP Exams ( Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics) and College Admission Exams: SAT, GRE, GMAT. Sample Video for AP Calculus
Free Online Hangout Sessions
Join us every Sunday's 10:00 pm - 12: 00 pm for a FREE calculus AB Prep online session if you are interested.

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